Barnes Festival 2024

The weeks before Easter are a busy time for epic choir-and-orchestra pieces. In the past few weeks, I’ve jumped in to guest lead several different orchestras and performances, including Mendelssohn’s Elijah at Saffron Hall (a lovely venue in the East of England I’ve never played at before).

Back in West London, the Barnes Music Festival is exploring the music of several local ‘legends’; intriguing musical figures who lived there, including Gustav Holst (he of The Planets - his 150 year anniversary) and Stephen Dodgson (100 year anniversary).

We opened the series last weekend with the Barnes Festival Orchestra performing Bach’s Magnificat alongside Dodgson’s intriguingly harmonically crunchy Magnificat … and there’s plenty more to explore including some of my favourite string chamber musicians.

Amongst others, Nicholas Daniel, the Kanneh-Mason Trio, the Sacconi Quartet, Madeleine Mitchell, and the Ekins Chandler Lowe Trio - three superb musicians I’ve worked with from time to time in sessions and orchestras.

So if West London is your manor, make sure to check out the festival here, it’s a good one! -

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