Violin Movie Music

I’ve been working on a lot of movie music recently, for two different projects with Cambridge Philharmonic and London Concertante.

Possibly my favourite earworm from the Concertante program is the main theme from the soundtrack to the smash-hit TV series, Succession.

Here’s a clip of our performance at Exeter Cathedral, back in March:

Addictive, no?

Several of the most popular film composers appear in both projects, including unforgettable tracks from movies such as Jurassic Park, The Godfather, Gladiator and many more.

With the Phil, I’ll also be playing the hauntingly, beautiful Schindler‘s List suite, originally written for Itzak Perlman by legendary film composer, John Williams:

If you’d like to hear my interpretation of this amazing music, come along to the West Road Concert Hall in Cambridge on Saturday 18th May.

I’ll be playing the main theme in the 4pm family concert, and the whole suite in the 8pm show.

You can find tickets online here.

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