The Magic of Vienna - Strauss in Guildford

Grüß Gott people of Surrey, UK! Wilkommen Sie here in the lovely Viennese town of... Guildford, where the magic of Vienna is going to be descending upon G Live, Guildford this Saturday, the 11th of May at 7:30 PM.

The Guildford Symphony Orchestra will be presenting a feast of Strauss, which is not only the German word for ostrich(!), but is also a byword for the finest Viennese classics!

And you're getting not one, not two but THREE Strausses in this concert, the music of Richard Strauss in the first half and of Johann Strauss - Senior and Junior! - in the second.

We begin the concert with three extraordinary tone poems. That's how we describe a story without words played by an orchestra.

The first story is about Don Juan, a legendary Spanish lothario. This outrageous character comes to life through music that twists and turns with an orchestral score that's incredibly hard to play ... but thrilling to listen to!

The song cycle 'Four Last Songs' was one of the last pieces of music that Richard Strauss wrote. The lyrics - by Herman Hesse - are all about coming to terms with death, but in an extremely beautiful, reflective and consoling way.

The music is just beautiful. Shimmering, glistening melodies float up above some of the most gorgeous harmonic writing you'll find anywhere.

And we'll be joined for the performance by a rising star of the opera world, the soprano Heming Li. At the end of the first half, the mood lightens with Richard Strauss's Der Rosenkavalier, a comic opera that's jam packed with what musicologists the world over refer to as 'damn good tunes'!

We'll be playing a selection of the waltzes from the orchestral suite, guaranteed to get your feet tapping.

If you're not already dancing in the aisles by the interval, then the John Ostrich family - that's Johann Strauss the First and Johann Strauss the Second, will see to that in the second half.

As well as famous favorites like the Radetzky March and the Blue Danube, we've got a treasure trove of Viennese Süßigkeiten for you to discover, including the Thunder and Lightening Polka, Die Fledermaus, the Tritsch-Tratch Polka, and many more.

The great thing is, whichever Strauss is onstage, you're guaranteed delicious earworms and energizing Waltzes that will whisk you to an enchanted world of elegance and delight!

And as with all Guildford Symphony concerts tickets for under 18s are free. Yes - completely FREE!

So come and join us for an enchanting evening of Viennese magic, this Saturday the 11th of May at G Live, Guildford.

Book your tickets today on the GLive website or search Guildford Symphony Orchestra.

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