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Violin Coaching for Every Age and Experience Level

I've now been teaching and coaching violin for over 15 years, on and off. My process may look a little different to what you'll experience from other people. I've refined it over many years, so that you can get the best from me every time.

You'll benefit from my deep understanding of how violinists learn and play. To help you reach your goals, I draw on many thousands of hours of teaching experience, and combine it with practical insights from my wide-ranging experience as a performer.

Everything is rooted in good musicianship, technical first principles, and bulletproof performance skills. But - most importantly! - my approach focuses on what makes YOU the musician you are, and what YOU want to achieve with the violin.

I work at all levels - from coaching for professionals, postgrads and actors, to first-time beginner learners who have never touched a violin before. All I ask is that you're focused, and that you implement what we agree in the main coaching in advance of the follow-up session.

If we've not worked together before, please send a message to me to say hello and ask any questions you may have! We'll send you back the password for the online scheduler so you can book coaching directly online.

How it Works

My process takes the form of a 'coaching cycle', which can be repeated as many times as necessary (subject to my availability - please email with your preferred days/times if you'd like to check availability before booking).

Here's what to expect:

1) Learning Review (10-15 minutes)

After payment, you'll be redirected to the Learning Review form, which you can also use to request your preferred days/times for your first coaching session.

This simple set of questions gets you thinking about the different elements of violin practice, and helps me to understand the gap between what you're doing right now in your practice, and what you want to achieve.

If you can, please complete the review as far in advance as possible of the main coaching session! This gives me time to think about and reflect on what you need before we meet, and also to source resources and practice materials where required.

2) Main Coaching Session (approx 75-90 minutes)

We work together, remotely or in person, for up to an hour and a half, to identify and isolate your most pressing priorities, fix any technical or musical issues, and put a plan in place for your next few practice sessions.

By the end of the main coaching session, I aim for you to have a clear understanding of exactly what you are working on and why, what you need to do before the follow-up session, and how to measure progress.

In-person tuition can take place anywhere by mutual agreement, but would usually be at our studio in Central London (Piccadilly Circus / Leicester Square).

3) Follow-up Session (approx 60 minutes)

The follow-up session, which is usually remote (Zoom or equivalent), has two purposes. Firstly, it's for accountability - to make sure that you actually get everything done that we discussed in your main coaching session!

But it's also of course an opportunity for follow up questions, related issues, or even just testing out what you have worked on, and get my feedback on progress.

Practical Information

  • I no longer teach by the hour. Timings are approximate.
  • There's a fixed fee cost of USD $250 or GBP £200 for each coaching cycle.
  • I try to offer at least one pay what you can coaching per month. If the standard fixed fee is genuinely unaffordable for you, send me a message and I'll see what I can do to fit you in at a reduced rate.
  • The coaching fee also includes my preparation time, and just generally being there for you throughout each coaching cycle. If you run into any issues or have any questions between the main session and the follow-up call, you can email me for help at any time.
  • Studio hire and sheet music is not included, and must be paid for separately if needed (although most of the time I use a lot of ViolinSchool sheet music resources, which won't cost you anything).
  • The follow-up session usually takes place 2 to 3 weeks after the main coaching session, but generally must take place no later than 6 weeks after the original coaching. Any unused follow-up coaching sessions will expire after 3 months.
  • You are welcome to book as many coaching cycles as you need (subject to availability, as I have to fit coaching around my recording and performing commitments).

If you have any questions, please contact me! Or if you would like to go ahead and book coaching, you can do so using the online schedule here (password required).

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