New Music for November - a Snowman, a Sparrow, a Crazy Frog and the House of Love

It’s been a weirdly busy week for new releases of other-people’s-things-I-contributed-to.

Have a listen here:

House of Love (House of Light)

Since I joined the Berlin-based band House of Light earlier this year, they’ve released a brand-new album called 21st Century Prayer. From that album, new song House of Love:

I'm not on that recording, but at our first big London gig earlier this month, lead singer J decided to throw it in as an unexpected encore.

I won't admit here to having never played it before, but let's just say my sightreading-from-memory skillset now includes a 'restrict improv to most likely key' setting …

The House of Light is definitely a Very Interesting Thing, with a lot to say. Every time I peel back a layer of texture or meaning, I discover more. So look out for more 90s Berlinesque-ness soon.

Perhaps with a more contemporary orchestral influence, once I've channeled my inner Falco and interfered a little further with their sound 😐 ...

The Sparrow

Here’s a newly released film soundtrack I recorded with some other lovely box-scrapers last year:

It’s composed by the very excellent Christopher White, who not only designs beautiful sounds for the screen, but is also a master blower of the golden tube, arranger for Van Morrison amongst others, and a composer of Very Nice Music - check out his work here.

Here’s a bit about The Sparrow:

In Michael Kinirons’ debut feature, “The Sparrow,” a troubled teen in West Cork faces the aftermath of a tragic accident and grapples with the consequences of a well-kept secret.

Set against the backdrop of lush countryside and threatening coastal waters, Kevin Coyne, portrayed by Ollie West, navigates family dynamics and personal struggles in a captivating blend of moody cinematography, well-drawn characters, and suspense, marking Kinirons’ impressive entry into feature filmmaking.

Here's me and Chris working together at Air Edel on a previous project:

The Funny Snowman

A new Christmas track from Little Brother has emerged - tbh, I only contributed about 13 notes to this, but it’s a proper lovely feel-good nostalgic thing, with a tune that will earworm itself into your head (yes earworm is a verb – my blog, my rules).

Best served with roasted chestnuts, one too many sherries, and a Manhattan-sized portion of nostalgia-for-a-time-that-maybe-never-was.

Funny Song x Crazy Frog

Little bro again. Sorry in advance for destroying your sanity for the foreseeable future. Possibly the world’s most annoying smash hit meets possibly the world’s most annoying smash hit.

With a music video that is on first watch seems so abstractly surreal it's total nonsense, but is most probably meta-levels deeper than I've yet understood (catching missiles in mid-air and sending them back again?)

I didn’t have anything to do with this, but let's just say that one listen to the pre-release and my kids sang nothing else for the following month. WARNING: THIS WILL DRIVE YOU CRAZY

>EDIT - almost 1 million views in the first 24 hours.....<

You definitely don’t want to listen to this. Don’t click the play button.

No, don’t do it…!! Don't!!!

Oh dear, oh dear. Don't say I didn't tell you so ...............................

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