Violin Player 1 & 2 in LONDON! May/June 2023


For the first time in many many years I'm back with a PROPER LIVE VIOLIN SHOW!!!! (London, for now. Other places soon).

"An eclectic mix of music and stories featuring the violin, with Simon Hewitt Jones - from original to classic, baroque to contemporary, and everything in-between! Enjoy an unpredictable evening of creative adventures through unexplored violinistic territory."

These gigs are experimental steps towards the Big Projects. They’re ‘test kitchens’ for showcasing new material, work in development, and music that I’ll be adding to future projects.

They'll probably appeal to you if you're a 'classical' music aficionado, but they're much broader than that.

Whatever your musical inclination, I can promise you an interesting time 🙂

2 dates in London, to start with...

with pianist OLLY LALLEMANT (the one from the Ritz!)

with pianist NEIL GEORGESON (the one from the Shetlands!)

**TICKETS!!** - 25 tickets ONLY (£20 each) available for each gig. And I have persuaded 2 of the most INCREDIBLE ivory-tinklers on the planet to help make it happen - IMHO, it's worth coming just to see these masters at work! Buy Tickets Here!

MENU FOR MAY (Sat 27th) - 7pm at The Grosvenor, Pimlico, London - Buy Tickets

The Violin Player
Paganini 24
Remember Me (Dido's Lament)
Mozart Concerto 3 - Allegro
Deep River
Romanian Folk Dances (Mr Baaaartok)
Jazz Canon
Over the Rainbow
Fiddle Thing

MENU FOR JUNE (Sat 24th) - 7pm at The Grosvenor, Pimlico, London - Buy Tickets

Still working on it, but will likely include:
My Bonnie
Swannee River (Old Folks at Home)
Beethoven TBC
Graceful Ghost

Plus, the Grosvenor is just the nicest pub. Come and visit. You'll have a good time.

Hope to see you there! 🙂


p.s. if you miss out on tickets we'll have handful of £10 standing tickets on the door, plus £0 entry if you don't mind coming in through the side entrance and standing on the 'wrong' side of the bar!

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