Session Recording

I scrape on a wooden box and record noises that you can use to influence other people's emotions.


Here's a small selection of some of the tracks I've had the privilege to play on (including lots of THJ's library work!):

And here are some tracks where I'm one of the featured artists (including my solo debut recording with Royal Ballet Sinfonia, our BBC Premiere award-winning Imogen Holst: String Chamber Music disc, and the Towards Silence project with Sir John Tavener):

What I do: Most commonly, soundtrack and pop-style work from printed notation, but I can also provide improvised or composed tracks too. No brief is too weird! I'm a stylistic omnivore / high-level generalist (!) and can tackle pretty much anything 🙂 My deepest expertise is classical, folk and some jazz styles, but I'm a musical nomad at heart and I can make things zing (or swing!).

What I don't do: There are a few fiddle genres where I'm NOT an expert improviser (such as bluegrass/country/Americana) but I'll always make this clear to you upfront, and refer you onwards when I think more specialist knowledge is needed. That said, anything notated is generally fine.

I am available to MU Approved Contractors (Fixers) at union rates via the usual channels. If you don't already have my contact info, please get in touch to check availability.

For private bookings and collaborations, I also offer fixed fee recording and remote tracking options - please contact me for details.

(Please note that Fixed Fee private recording/tracking is generally on an uncredited/white label basis, and does not include use of my name unless negotiated in advance).

Simon Hewitt Jones c/o 1st Floor Studios, 41 Whitcomb Street, London, WC2H 7DT, United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)20 3051 0080, E: